SISAB 2017

Boomlift esteve presente na edição 2017 do SISAB. 

Foi com enorme satisfação que participámos pela primeira vez no SISAB PORTUGAL.  Sentimos a necessidade de estarmos presentes neste espaço de negociação privilegiado e contactar de uma forma mais directa com os nossos potenciais clientes, abrindo assim uma nova janela de oportunidades para a concretização de negócios. 


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A fine debut at SISAB PORTUGAL
BoomLift debuted in 2017 at SISAB PORTUGAL (International Trade Fair for Food and Beverage), held from 6 to 8 March in Lisbon, as they consider that the event is “a privileged trading place” to carry out a “face-to-face contact with our potential customers, thus opening a new window of opportunity for business partnerships", the company explained in a press release.
BoomLift is a young company that dedicates itself to the marketing of equipment and services for various industries, including the food industry.
In its first time at the fair, the company introduced three products: rotating heads, for low and high pressure washing systems; Dosing pumps, fertilizers and/or other chemical products, especially used in the treatment of water and industry; FATBOX containers, specially designed for the food industry.


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